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Michael was No Pressure unlike 2 other dealerships (Not Nissan). It was fast, maybe 1 1/2 hrs, financing went through fairly fast.
I did my research on small cargo vans & the NV200 came up the best, the MPG is great.
The way my van was financed was painless. I was referred to Michael from another business owner who got a used NV200 & she was very happy. so I dropped in & Michael let me take out a used 200. a couple of days later I scheduled a meet with him & in about 1 1/2 – 2 hrs the sale was complete. This was the most uncomplicated auto sale I have ever done. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future.

Visited another Nissan dealer and though they said they work with commercial client, I wasted and hour+ there and they were not able to finish and provide pricing Experience with Michael Kelley at Campbell Nelson commercial sales was fast and efficient. He was able to answer my question, patient with me and my slow decision process, and quickly provided any pricing information I needed on vehicle option and up fit. GREAT EXPERIENCE!


Micheal who runs the dealership/commercial line was great to work with from initial mail, to talking on the phone, to more email answering questions, talking about pricing, etc. Then meeting him a couple times in person, once to test drive and see the rig to coming back and purchasing, he made it easy and painless. It was the easiest most efficient car buying experience I’ve ever had. And it was cool because he was just as excited about the vehicle being purchased as I was about purchasing it. Michael was knowledgeable about the van, but he was also the one that custom ordered it and his knowledge about 4×4, the conversion, etc was really helpful.

Bryan Reichert

I have been a small service business owner here in Western Washington for 34 years. Over the years, I have purchased many service vehicles, including Nissans, from many sales outlets. However, I have never encountered a more professional, accommodating, and friendly service like I did from the Campbell Nelson Nissan team. The whole process was exceptional. All of my future business will be with Campbell Nelson!


Corey Chantry

Mike has been fantastic to deal with and our owner Gary Ruttan will continue doing business with Mike.


Margaret Vellek

Michael did a great job.

David DeBartolo

I have had my new NV200 for a couple of weeks…. and love it, it was the perfect vehicle for me and my business. I normally loathe dealing with car salesman, Michael you were a model of professionalism. You answer my questions, you accommodated my requests, streamlined the paperwork and red tape…..then delivered the vehicle to my door with a full tank of gas. I appreciate the way you work, and have already referred a couple of of potential clients to you.

Scott Mantz

Michael at Campbell Nissan made purchasing a couple of new work vans very easy for us. It was a great experience from start to finish! He was helpful in providing a vehicle demonstration so we could make sure the vans would work for our installers. Michael was available to answer questions, get the paperwork done in a streamlined way and assisted in getting the vans over to be logoed. I would highly recommend the great service we received from Michael and Campbell Nissan.


First and foremost, the gas mileage is excellent. Monkey Fist Marine drives within Seattle several times a day to pick up supplies and make deliveries. The added fuel economy and flexibility of the vehicle has enhanced our business. With this being said, the size of the van is perfect because there are times when the only option is to park in compact locations around the city. The handling of the vehicle is great. Steering and braking are responsive, again, important for heavy city driving. The sliding doors on both sides of the vehicle make it easier to transport different types of parts.

Denise Lyon

I had an excellent experience leasing my NV 200 from Michael Kelley at Campbell Nissan. After shopping around at various Seattle area Nissan dealers, I found that Michael’s knowledge and level of service far excessed the competition. Most importantly, Michael was HONEST. In addition he was able to simply explain various buy/lease/finance options to find the best deal for my needs. He also was willing to hint he extra mile to keep me happy.

I have since recommended several people to Michael and they have had the same excellent experience with Campbell. If you are looking for a commercial vehicle, definitely get in touch with Michael at Campbell.

Owen Kotler

Dear Michael,
Now that the dust has settled a little bit from getting this New Year started, I thought I would drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciated your help recently on the last several vehicles that we have added to our Fleet.

I’ve got to be honest with you, I was a bit sad that my lease was up on my Leaf, and I had to replace it. But, now that I have, I can’t believe how much I am enjoying driving my new Titan 4 x 4 pickup. I have already had to go down to Olympia twice to testify at some hearings for my industry, and it was a joy making the trip without having to stop several times to charge, while being surrounded with my new great sound system.

Also, the two Managers that got their new NV 200 Vans are loving them! They say they handle really nicely, they ride very comfortably and their nice small size is really easy to park. And of course, I love the great price that you gave us on them, and their fantastic gas mileage (25+ mpg).

Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference if you would like to Michael. The service that you gave us on these rigs, and the service you have always given me and my wife personally at Campbell has been top notch. Not only do you price competitively, but your attention to detail, your follow up and commitment to fulfilling any and all of our needs is better than any other Dealer that I have worked with over the last 30 years.

I look forward to working with you again soon. Thanks again and God bless you folks.

Bruce Davis Sr.

When we were in need of a new delivery vehicle, I was dreading having to run from lot to lot to find the right vehicle and at a fair price. Had I known about Michael Kelly and Campbell Nissan, I wouldn’t have worried.


Michael recognized that I had little to no time to talk on the phone and respected my desire to communicate only via email. Not only did he give me an extremely competitive price,, he brought the vans TO ME to test drive. I did not have to worry about finding the time to test drive, Michael set a time with me and then he showed up with the van. And when the first van was too small, he returned the next day with different size to try! He also drove the final paperwork down for me to sign and delivered the van with the licensing already figured out.


I would not hesitate to recommend Michael Kelly to any of my friends or fellow small business owners. He made the entire process simple and easy for me. A good deal and a good van. Done and done.


Heather Chitty
Madres Kitchen

Michael Kelley and Chris Freeman have been great in configuring out cargo van needs for my graphics business. I like how they take the time to understand our industry and don’t waste time with trying to over sell me with options that are not necessary. I’m totally happy with our new rig and hope to add more to our fleet in the coming year with Campbell Nissan.


Waldo Vega


Campbell has continued to meet our needs not only on the fleet, but as well as the hassle free atmosphere to our employees. The experience has been nothing short of Quality and professionalism!


Bob Jordison
General Manager

Thank you Michael…
Walked in…Sat down…Had a NEW Nissan HD 3500 within an hour! This is something I have been putting off ,due to my past dealings with buying new vehicle. Michael and his staff walked us through the process and everything went smoothly! Cant thank you guys enough!!!
Looking forward to another NEW Nissan in the very near future!


Don Harrell
Protocol Plumbing (OWNER)

Protocol Plumbing

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