Who Has Time to Compare Prices?...WE DO!!!

Competitor Lube, Oil and Filter Rotate Tires Balance Tires Align Four Wheels Replace Front Brake Pads Replace Rear Brake Pads
Jeff's Auto Repair $89.95 Synthetic Oil $24.95 DON'T DO Don’t Do $275.00 $275.00
Shoreline Auto Care $120.00 Synthetic Oil $31.00 $100.00 $125.00 $450.00 $450.00
KC Martin $74.95 Synthetic Oil $20.00 Don’t Do $85.00 $275.00 $325.00
Les Schwab DON'T DO $28.00 $56.00 $109.00 $293.39 $378.88
Jiffy Lube $89.95 Synthetic Oil $21.99 DON'T DO DON'T DO DON'T DO DON'T DO
Grease Monkey $81.95 Synthetic Oil DON'T DO DON'T DO DON'T DO DON'T DO DON'T DO
Average Price Non Factory Parts $91.36 $25.19 $78.00 $106.33 $323.35 $357.22
Campbell Everyday Low Price $69.95 $19.95 $49.95 $99.95 $329.95 $319.95
Date surveyed: June 28th 2018

We are very concerned with the price you pay for your maintenance work and we work hard to ensure that you get the very best value for your hard earned dollars. That is why we price shop our competition and offer you low everyday prices on all your maintenance needs. But price is only a small benefit that you receive when you have your maintenance requirements performed at Campbell Auto Group. We only employ factory trained technicians and these technicians use factory autherized quality parts that have a twelve-month, twelve-thousand mile warranty on both parts and labor. Remember, proper maintenance ensures top performance of your vehicle and preserves your Factory Warranty.